Aric Kroon - Teacher of the Year 2021

Innovative educator, Aric Kroon, Aerospace Teacher at Sleepy Hill Middle School in Polk County Florida, just received the highest honors. He was selected as the school's Teacher of the Year for 2021. Located in Lakeland, Florida, Sleepy Hill Middle School serves as a feeder school for the Central Florida Aerospace Academy. Aric completed his undergraduate work at Liberty University and received a Master's in Educational Leadership. He shares unique aviation activities and projects with his students, and they are immersed in X-Plane during classes. Aric's thoughts on the whole experience are reflected best as this:

" It is an amazing honor to receive this award from my peers. I love turning the lightbulbs on in my students' heads and showing them what awaits them out in the world of aerospace." Aric Kroon

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