Professional Development

Wondering if there are professional development courses available to help teach aviation?

Yes! Gleim Aviation online Ground Instructor courses are used by teachers for their own professional development to master aviation instruction so they can engage their students with an inspiring aviation curriculum. Teachers can earn FAA certification quickly while gaining valuable resources to achieve aviation subject matter expertise.

Ground Instructors are qualified to teach aeronautical knowledge. Basic Ground Instructors (BGIs) can teach and endorse students to test for sport, recreational, and private pilot tests. Advanced Ground Instructors (AGIs) can also teach and endorse any student level, except the instrument rating. The Gleim Flight and Ground Instructor Online Ground School includes basic and advanced aviation concepts from aerodynamics to weather, airplane systems to navigation, and more.

You can use the self-directed Ground Instructor course to study at your own pace. It takes about 35-40 hours to complete using our sophisticated Knowledge Transfer System to ensure that you master all of the information required to be a competent ground instructor and pass your FAA knowledge test with confidence.

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