Private Pilot Curriculum

Soon we will be releasing a one-year Aviation curriculum for high school teachers to use. This curriculum is based off of our Private Pilot training materials and split into four 9-week modules for an academic year. The curriculum has weekly suggested hands-on activities and simulated flight training. This course must be paired with the X-Plane Flight Training Course to obtain the full benefits of training. Please share feedback and suggestions for our curriculum here!


  • My name is Norman Johnson and I am the Private pilot ground school instructor at Seminole High school in Sanford Florida. I am already using a lot of your resources including the Xplane 11 simulators and textbooks. I am really interested in your Private Pilot Ground School Curriculum for high school teachers because right now mine is a work in progress. I also complete the Gleim Ground School instructor course and I am now an Advanced Ground Instructor.

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    Outstanding Norman! We have a Private Pilot curriculum for High School that is in review right now in some schools around the ****. Email me for more details.

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